Medium Duty Towing Los Angeles

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Is your medium sized vehicle failing you?  Are you looking for professional roadside assistance for your vehicle?  Well, you’re in luck because in Los Angeles, you’re entitled to professional towing and roadside from Medium Duty Towing Los Angeles!  Take a look at the following for a better understanding of the services we do.

Roadside Assistance

Locked out of your car?  Need your keys but they’re inside the car?  We can help!  We’ll send the best technician we have to come out and retrieve those keys for you.  Is your vehicle’s battery out of power? No problem!  We’ll jump start your car and recharge battery so that your car can get back on the road, and that you can get back to your life as soon as possible.  Maybe you’re enduring a flat tire.  In that case, we can change your flat tire with your spare, and it’s no sweat for us!  Need gas?  We got it!  Then, if your vehicle’s not starting, we can definitely help with that.

Towing Services

If your vehicle isn’t starting, we’ll be able to tow you to a place that could fix that for you.  What do we tow?  Well, we’ll be able to tow stake trucks, shuttle buses, cargo vans, RVs, motor homes, passenger busses, box trucks, EMT trucks, ambulances, and even heavier vehicles, such as school buses and boom trucks.  Not seeing what you need?  Give us a call anyways and we’ll try to help you out best we can, with the most affordable rates that you could ever find!  Call us today at (424) 231-4762.  We’re always available 24/7.

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