Why LAX Towing?

LAX TOWING and Roadside Assistance is the only company to call if your car’s in trouble near the airport. Here’s why:

If you think the hustle and bustle of LAX International Airport is impressive, you should see the world of roadside assistance and emergency vehicle towing that goes on at the airport and throughout surrounding areas – it is world class.

Let’s start at the airport itself. You would not believe how many people stall out in the Los Angeles Airport parking structure. We know because we’ve been the main tow truck service for the LAX and South Bay area for as long as anyone can remember.

And Towing LAX will share a secret with you – people seem to be even more forgetful, more creative and more outrageous the closer you get to the airport. No kidding!

our towing company and roadside services been helping out stranded motorists in the Los angeles area for over 25 years. Yep, that was us who managed to extricate that stubborn Honda Accord that the driver flipped on its side at the entrance to LAX Parking Structure No.6 so that no one could get in or out.

Remember that all the parking structures at the airport have different height clearances. Here at our tow company we know them all by heart. Other towing companies may charge you twice, for 2 separate calls when their tow truck arrives, can’t fit through the entrance, and makes you wait for a low-clearance truck to be sent out – a low profile tow truck we would have sent out right away, if you had called us first.

You see, that is a very important part of your receiving prompt, courteous and effective service for your car mishap, calling us in the first place.

No matter what ails your vehicle, we’ve seen and solved it all:

  • JUMPSTARTS: It must be the excitement of leaving on a trip to a faraway land that makes the travelers leave the lights on for the whole time they are away. No problem, just call us, tell us what kind of car you have, where it’s parked, and how long your trip was. we will know exactly where you are, and exactly what kind of battery-pack or supplemental jumpstart equipment to rush to your assistance. Don’t mess around with fly-by-night service companies. Call the pros that LAX employees call when they leave their lights on (yes, they do it, too).
  • CAR LOCKOUTS: This one’s our favorite. Unlocking cars after drivers accidentally lock their keys in the car isn’t our easiest or most profitable assignment, but we like to see how embarrassed people get about this common goof-up. HEAR THIS: Everyone locks their keys in the car at some point. In fact, it was proven that the average Los Angeles driver will lock his keys in his car approximately 3.6 times during his or her lifetime, including 1.2 times in the trunk. You have 3 options: You can call LAX TOW COMPANY and Roadside for a quick, safe and satisfactory remedy at a city-wide low price; or you can shop around and find some guy with a modified  coat hanger who will do it cheaper, but will likely damage your window-frame and tinted window; or you can bust out your own window (repairing that will cost EIGHT TIMES the price of our lockout service).
  • TIRE CHANGE: There are as many kinds of tire change requests as there are cars, maybe more. Our licensed and certified tow truck technicians are tire experts. They can tell you exactly what kind of service you need. All you have to do is call (424) 231-4762, We will take care of the rest. Oftentimes, we send out a full-fledged tow truck for a tire change. Other roadside companies wouldn’t waste the diesel fuel on you. But here we have a 6th sense about our customers, and we’ll send a tow truck out to help you if we have any indication (or even a feeling) that your tire change may be difficult. That way, if worse comes to worse, you will already have a tow truck right where you need it, and we’ll tow you to the nearest – or your favorite – tire shop to take care of the problem properly.
  • FUEL DELIVERY: Ahhhhh, the folly of the last-minute traveler who has just enough gas in his car to make it to LAX. Too bad that traveler didn’t count on the basics of physics, namely that liquids tend to evaporate  in the sun. That half-gallon of unleaded you had swishing around you gas tank when you left town is just a vapid memory now. So if you’re planning on leaving your vehicle at LAX


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