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Have you ever driven on the freeway for miles and miles on Empty and not know it? Strange right? The fact that the little Empty Tank light turns on, but yet you can still drive for miles and miles and still nothing happens? Sometimes, when we become too reliant on this, we don’t stop to realize it’s dangers until, our car literally stops on the side of road. Then we panic.

Our mission

It’s natural to panic. If you’re on Sepulveda or so and your beautiful car runs out of gas, you’ll start forming different ideas on how to get it back on the road. A few ideas you may encounter:

Idea 1: You might want to walk on the side of the road, hoping to run into a good Samaritan who has a gas tank and would lend you a gallon (be careful…they could be creepy)

Idea 2: You could push your car to the nearest gas station, begging that it’s not more than a mile or two away (it often is…)

Idea 3: Hitchhike a ride to the nearest gas station, pay an obscene amount for a gas tank, pay for the gas, and then travel along the road until you return to your precious vehicle (sweating and most likely dirty…)

Idea 4: Sit and cry.

Of the above ideas that you may form, we don’t recommend any of them. We don’t recommend them because we care about your well-being, and because all of the above may produce high risk for criminal conduct. For a better form of getting gas, call today! We’ll come out, bring you gas, Fuel Delivery Services LAXand get your car up and running, faster than you can say “thank you!” In doing this, you’ll be safe and not risking the dangers of the road on your own life. For better quality service,

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