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Here at LAX Towing, we specialize in all towing and roadside needs that a person may inquire for all LAX area. Please take a look at the following questions:

  • Have you ever forgotten your keys in your car before boarding a flight at LAX?
  • Have you ever run out of gas on freeways such as the 405, 105, and even on PCH?
  • Have you ever returned to your car, just to find that the battery of your car died?
  • Do you need towing in LAX because your car isn’t starting or was in an accident?

If you answered “yes!” to any of these questions, you’re going to need to call LAX Towing today.  When you need the best of the best in the business, there’s only one name you’re going to need.  That’s right, the folks at LAX Towing are incredibly skilled, armed with several years of experience, and they’re the best as towing truck drivers come.

How can we help?

Whatever your needs may be, call LAX Towing today to have our efficient professionals offer towing and roadside assistance whenever you’re at LAX.


LAX TowingWell, if you left your keys inside of your locked car at LAX, and you’re getting ready to board a flight, we can definitely help you out with that.  Our drivers will punctually arrive and retrieve your beloved keys for you.  They’ll come out, with their arsenal of tools, and they’ll make sure that all of this will happen within a very reasonable amount of time.

Fuel Delivery

If you’re out of gas on the road near LAX, and you don’t have any extra gallons of gas in your car, well, you’re in luck because we can definitely take care of that for you.  Thank goodness for you, right?  We’re dedicated to providing you with the best service your car can obtain, so if your car needs a few gallons of gas, definitely give Towing LAX Tow Truck a call!  The number again is (424) 231-4762.

Jump Starts

Towing at LAXIf you’re in the parking lot, staring at your car after several days of traveling abroad, just to find out that your car is now out of power, what do you do?  That’s right, LAX Towing is for all types of services and jump starting is a service that we’ll definitely provide.  We definitely know what to do when you don’t. We will arrived and start your car.  Do we really do this?  Yes, we do.  We can also recharge your battery for any lengthy amount of time if a jump start doesn’t work.  And last but never least, as our name states, Towing LAX can definitely tow your vehicle if all else fails.

LAX TOWING SERVICES | (424) 231-4762

We can tow just about any kind of vehicle you may be driving.  If you’re wondering about what vehicles we can’t, let’s just say that in our lifetime of being a towing business, we have even towed an airplane, as well as 18-wheelers.  If we can tow those, we can definitely tow your car, van or truck, or whatever need be your service when you’re left stranded at LAX.

Our services:

    • • Transport To Body Shop
    • • Roadside Assistance 24/7
    • Towing LAX• Auto Lockout
    • • Around The Clock Call Center
    • • Emergency Towing
    • • Towing Long Distance
    • • Local Towing at LAX
    • • Heavy Duty Tow Trucks
    • • Battery Solutions
    • • After Accident Removal
    • • Truck/Car Towing
    • • Battery Change
    • • Jump Start


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For more information, or for the best service in the business, call LAX Towing today at (424) 231-4762.  We look forward to hearing from you.